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Apimaye Langstroth size Insulated Bee Hive Set [No Frames included]

Product Description
Apimaye insulated bee hives are made from food grade, UV-resistant plastic (HDPE) with anti-static additives. Double layer insulation helps keeping the colony warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It does not absorb moisture, and active ventilation system resists fungus growth which is a common problem in wooden hives. It reduces the winter food consumption, and stimulates colony growth in the spring therefore it is more productive. It is a standard Langstroth hive and wooden or plastic frames can be used interchangeably. Standard features from bottom to top: Screened bottom board with pollen trap and drawer: Enables collecting your fresh local pollen. The pollen collected by the bees gets trapped and falls on the bottom drawer. The pollen can then be collected by just pulling the drawer from the back. The screened bottom board helps fighting mites. The entrance reducer can help prevent looting, and enables locking the front for winter. The hive bottom board also has ventilation slots to fight moisture buildup inside the hive. Multifunctional slot: Located on the brood boxes and the supers, the slot can be adjusted to be used for ventilation, bee entrance or queen entrance for the mating flight. Division/uniting board: The specially designed board can be inserted to divide a colony, or unite two colonies into a single hive. Queen excluder: Specially designed queen excluder that allows space between the frames so bees can move more freely. Frame spacers: Helps stabilizing the frames the hive. Located on top of the frames , they prevent frame shifting while carrying in hives with less than 10 frames Side latches and handles: Used to secure the broodbox, super or the hive top cover to each other and easy handling and carrying. Top Cover Feeder: Used to easily feed the bees with candy or syrup without opening the hive and disturb the hive balance. Features mechanism to prevent bees from drowning in the syrup.